What's New ?

Last update: 11/22/09

20/11/2009 Got a Casio PB-700 and a Casio FA-10. Thank you Hubert.
05/08/2009 Got a Casio VX-4 and a Sharp PC-G820. Thank you Tomijp.
09/17/2006 Found a Casio FA-20 at flea market.
01/05/2006 Got a Casio PB-120. Thank you Makoto.
25/02/2006 Got a Sharp PC-G801. Thank you Takuya Hasegawa.
23/02/2006 Got a Epson HX-20. Thank you Pierre.
28/01/2006 Got a Sharp PC-G850S. Thank you Masaharu Fujiki.
24/01/2006 Got a Sharp PC-G803. Thank you Takuya Hasegawa.
02/11/2004 Got a Casio PB-100F. Thank you Luckytwin.
09/13/2004 Got a Casio PB-500. Thank you Emmanuel.
07/16/2003 Got a Casio FX-780P. Thank you James.
03/18/2003 Got a Sharp EL-5520. Thank you Kelly .
03/03/2003 Got a Sharp EL-5510. Thank you Marvin.
01/11/2003 Got a Casio FX-5400. Thank you Chia-Lun.
01/18/2002 Got a Sharp PC-2500. Thank you Gregor.
10/07/2001 Found a Casio FX-850P at flea market.
08/20/2001 Got a Sharp PC-1210. Thank you Achim.
06/27/2001 Got a Texas Instrument TI-74S. Thank you Julian.
05/20/2001 Got a Casio FX-5200. Thank you Pea.
05/15/2001 Got a Casio FX-801P. Thank you Peter.
04/28/2001 Got a Casio PB-240. Thank you Olaf.
04/07/2001 Got a Sharp PC-1100. Thank you Roger.
03/24/2001 Got a Sharp PC-1425. Thank you Dominic.
03/10/2001 Got a Sharp EL-5500III and a Sharp PC-3. Thank you FireBuy.
01/31/2001 Got a Sharp PC-1247. Thank you Ralf.
01/08/2000 Got a Casio PB-770. Thank you Jens.
12/30/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1280. Thank you Angelika.
12/30/2000 Got a Sharp EL-5500. Thank you John.
12/23/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1150. Thank you Bernd.
12/07/2000 Got a Casio FX-820P. Thank you Sandy.
11/29/2000 Got a Sharp EL-5500II. Thank you Patrick.
11/21/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1260. Thank you Lothar.
11/07/2000 Got a Casio PB-410 and a Seiko MC-2200. Thank you Darren.
11/07/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1475. Thank you Stephan.
10/22/2000 Found a Sharp PC-1403 and a TI-74 at flea market.
10/15/2000 Found a Casio PB-100, a Sharp PC-1261 and a HP-12C at flea market.
10/12/2000 Got a Casio PB-220. Thank you Stephan.
10/12/2000 Got a Sharp CE-129P. Thank you Rainer.
09/28/2000 Got a HP-71B. Thank you James.
09/19/2000 Got a Casio FX-700P. Thank you Martin.
09/17/2000 Found a Sharp PC-1212, a Sharp PC-1245 and a HP-12C at flea market.
09/07/2000 Got a Casio FX-785P. Thank you Peter.
08/19/2000 Got a Casio PB-300. Thank you Lorenzo.
08/16/2000 Got a Casio PB-80. Thank you Manfred.
07/17/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1350. Thank you Andy.
07/15/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1402. Thank you Christian.
07/10/2000 Got an Olympia OP-644. Thank you Jean-François.
07/08/2000 Got a Casio FX-730P. Thank you Bernd.
06/30/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1421. Thank you Jamie.
06/29/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1250A. Thank you Michael.
06/28/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1212 and a Sharp PC-1246S. Thank you Manfred.
06/21/2000 Got a Casio PB-2000C. Thank you Thomas.
06/19/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1245. Thank you Norbert.
06/18/2000 Found a Casio PB-700, a Sharp PC-1360 and a Tandy PC-3 at flea market.
06/09/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1262. Thank you Peter.
05/31/2000 Got a Casio FX-770P. Thank you Ralf.
05/29/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1248. Thank you Stefan.
05/21/2000 Found a Olympia OP-544 at flea market.
05/18/2000 Got a Casio FX-720P. Thank you Jochen.
05/15/2000 Got a Casio FX-880P. Thank you John.
05/10/2000 Got a Casio FX-880P. Thank you Jean-Claude.
05/08/2000 Found a Sharp PC-1403 at flea market.
05/05/2000 Got a Casio FX-750P and a Sharp PC-1450. Thank you Alain.
05/04/2000 Got a Texas Instruments TI-74. Thank you Martial.
04/30/2000 Found a HP-11C, a HP-12C, a TI-66 and a Casio FX-850P at flea market.
04/20/2000 Got a Casio PB-1000. Thank you Trent.
04/19/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1246 and a Casio PB-100. Thank you Alain.
03/20/2000 Got a Sharp PC-E500S. Thank you Yann.
03/09/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1211. Thank you Colin.
03/04/2000 Got a Casio PB-110. Thank you Eric.
02/11/2000 Got a Sharp PC-1403H. Thank you Pascal.
02/03/2000 Got a Sharp PC-E220. Thank you Colin.
12/31/1999 Got a Casio FX-802P. Thank you Romain.
12/30/1999 Got a Sharp PC-E500. Thank you Olivier.
12/08/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1460. Thank you Cordell.
12/01/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1401. Thank you Francois.
11/29/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1360. Thank you Emeric.
11/19/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1600. Thank you Jerry.
11/18/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1251 and a Sharp PC-1261. Thank you Alain.
11/05/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1600 by trade. Thank you Philippe.
10/25/1999 Got a Casio FX-850P by trade. Thank you Olivier.
10/17/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1401 and a Sharp PC-1403 at flea market.
10/03/1999 Found a HP-11C at flea market.
09/26/1999 Found a Casio FX-702P, a Canon X-07 and a HP-12C at flea market.
09/20/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1500A. Thank you Ron.
09/19/1999 Found a Casio FX-702P and a HP-15C at flea market.
09/05/1999 Found a Sharp PC-1500 at flea market.
08/29/1999 Got a Sharp PC-1246. Thank you Tom.
08/08/1999 Got TRS-80 PC-1 (a clone of the famous PC-1211). Thank you William.