If you want to trade or buy a pocket computeryou can send me a mail (see the homepage).

A: New
B: Good condition
C: Average condition
D: Bad condition
E: With box
: With instruction
G: Ask for detail.

Last update: 11/22/09

Pocket computer

N Type Pocket Name Condition Status
1 HP HP-12C B For Sale/Trade
2 Casio FA-20 B For Sale/Trade



N Type Pocket Name Language Status
1 Casio PB-410/FX-720P/FX-820P German For Sale/Trade
2 Casio PB-700 German For Sale/Trade
3 Casio FX-770P German For Sale/Trade
4 Sharp PC-1245 German For Sale/Trade
5 Sharp PC-1251 French For Sale/Trade
6 Sharp PC-1401/PC-1402 English For Sale/Trade